Looking for a fun way to create a Euro 2024 sweepstake with your friends?

A sweepstake is a great way to get everyone involved and make the football more exciting. Here’s how to create a Euro 2024 sweepstake between friends:

euro 2024 sweepstake

📱 Download BetSquad

On the App Store or Google Play

💰 Choose your stake

Decide on the entry fee for the sweepstake. Your stake might be £10 per entry, for example.

🥇 Decide on the number of winners

Do you want one winner to win it all? Or also pay out a smaller amount to the 2nd and 3rd place runners-up?

🤝 Invite your friends

Provide them with the link to join your Euro 2024 sweepstake.

↪️ Teams get distributed

Everyone in the sweepstake will have deposited funds by this point. Then instead of the old-school method of pulling pieces of paper out of a hat, the BetSquad app will evenly distribute the teams to your group – weighted by ranking to give all participants an equal chance of getting at least one good team.

👀 Watch the tournament

Gather your friends together to watch the games or watch them separately, either way you’ll be able to see who has won the sweepstake. You can also create goalscorer sweepstakes for individual matches.

🤑 Payouts

Once the final is over, the BetSquad app seamlessly handles the process of paying out to the winner(s).

Creating a Euro 2024 sweepstake is a fun way to enjoy the tournament with your friends. Follow these steps to set up your own sweepstake for added excitement.

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