Earn a FREE World Cup NFT by creating sweepstakes with BetSquad!

Do you enjoy collecting NFTs? To celebrate the launch of our World Cup sweepstake app, we’ve created 100 limited edition, unique World Cup NFTs, for BetSquad players to earn. The NFTs will feature all 32 teams, along with an NFT 64 for each game of the tournament, plus 4 specials.

free world cup nft
free world cup nft

How to qualify for a free World Cup NFT

👉 create 2 sweepstakes

👉 containing 6+ players

👉 with a stake of £5+

👉 before and during the World Cup


Once you’ve completed this you can reach out to us at support@betsquad.zendesk.com providing your Solana wallet address so we can send it over to you within 7 days.

world cup sweepstake
world cup sweepstake

Will it be first-come-first-served?

Yes. We’re only giving away 100, so the first qualifying customers that provide their Solana wallet address will receive an NFT. The first 32 will receive a team, then the following 68 will receive a fixture (including the final score, following the result) or a special.

Which blockchain?

The NFTs will be published on the Solana blockchain. You’ll need to download the Phantom wallet (or similar) to be able to receive the NFT.

Can I sell my World Cup NFT?

Yes, you’ll own it and will be free to list it for sale on a marketplace.

Will my World Cup NFT be valuable?

The value is purely based on what somebody is willing to pay for it on a marketplace such as Solsea. The collection is limited to 100, which is more favourable than a collection of 10,000, for example.

Can I display my NFT in the BetSquad app?

Not yet, but we plan to make that a possibility. To display it like a badge for achievements.

What is a World Cup NFT?

It is a ‘non-fungible token’ – a unique digital asset, with a permanent record on the blockchain.