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The season has begun, but it's not too late to create your #BetSquad.

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Want to have some extra fun while watching the football?

Well, we’ve found two ways to make it so. One: have your friends join you for the ride. Two: giving it large when you take the winnings from their pot. We have all that and more.

At Bet Squad we have cut out the middleman and put you in charge. No complex odds. No nasty surprises. Just you, your friends, and the thrill of social betting. Welcome to #BetSquad: the future of sports betting.

  • Full Game Listings & Feeds

  • Build Your Squad

    Invite your mates and build your Squad
  • 2 Unique Betting Game Formats
    Try Next Goal Sweepstake & Head 2 Head for brand new betting experiences!
  • Your Squad Always Wins
    No third-party bookies. Just you, your mates and the sport you love


BetSquad has two brand new, tried & tested bet modes for you to enjoy with your mates – HEAD 2 HEAD and NEXT GOAL SCORER.


HEAD 2 HEAD Our take on the classic Win/Lose/Draw bet,. Bet against your friends on your selected match, and if you correctly pick win, lose or draw, you’ll be in the money. If not, it will be your friend with the bragging rights!

NEXT GOAL SWEEPSTAKE is the ultimate social betting experience, pitting up to 20 friends head-to-head in a battle for big wins. Select your friends, choose a match, and the game does the rest for you. You’ll be given an outfield player (or no goalscorer) each and whoever scores first, wins a share of the pot. The betting continues automatically during the game, with the final player to have no goalscorer winning another share of the pot. The betting continues automatically during the game, so the excitement of football lasts well into the final minutes of the game.

Best of all, each of the bet modes is managed directly within the BetSquad app, using our secure wallet/ payment system. So you can be confident that if you win bets, you’ll get the monies instantly into your account! So whether you want to showcase your supreme knowledge & tactics of the world of football, or quickly dip a toe into any match, BetSquad has the games for You and your Squad to enjoy!

Live Chats

Why do we love football? The enthralling highs. The nail-biting conclusions. And, most of all, coming together for the game we love. What better place for all your friends to meet than our live chat hub? Consistently connect with your friends 24/7 to really get the ball rolling before, during and after the big game. Because we don’t call it social sports betting for nothing.

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Staying in the know can be the difference between winning and losing in football. And we’re making it even easier to keep in the loop without ever having to leave the app.

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