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What is Betsquad?

Betsquad takes a simple bet between friends and takes it to the future of social betting. No matter where you and your friends are in the world, continue to enjoy the same betting action than if you were in the same pub watching the 3pm kick-offs at your local.

We’ve cut out the middleman of the bookie and put you in charge. No complex odds. No nasty surprises. Just you, your friends, and the thrill of social betting. Welcome, to #BetSquad: the future of sports betting.

  • Full League Game Listings & Feeds

  • Your Squad

    Invite your mates and build your Squad
  • 2x Unique Betting Game Formats
    Fun bet formats that cater for Pro’s and Newbies alike!
  • Your Squad Always Wins
    No third party bookies, just you and your mates betting each other


BetSquad has two amazing, tried & tested bet modes for you to enjoy with your squad of mates – HEAD 2 HEAD and NEXT GOAL SCORER.


HEAD 2 HEAD is the betting format for the 'true believers', where passion & knowledge of the ‘Beautiful Game' is key to tactically choosing the best results to guarantee success and winnings from your fellow squad mates. You get to choose from a combination of WIN, LOSE or DRAW bet configurations for each playing team and then you get to sit back, enjoy the game and wait for your tactics to deliver you victory from your betting peer!

NEXT GOAL SWEEPSTAKE is the ultimate in social betting games. You and your chosen squad choose a match, add your stakes and are automatically allocated a number of players. You all then get to sit back and wait for the next goal to be scored. If your player scores you win the pot. This can be played as single goal per match mode, or auto rolls after each goal throughout the duration of the game, keeping you and the squad tentatively sat on the edge of your seats, waiting for the next goal to be scored and winnings shared to the victors!

Best of all, each of the bet modes is managed directly within the BetSquad app, using our secure wallet/ payment system. So you can be confident that if you win bets, you’ll get the monies instantly into your account! So whether you want to showcase your supreme knowledge & tactics of the world of football, or quickly dip a toe into any match, BetSquad has the games for You and your Squad to enjoy!

Live Chats

Why do we love football? The enthralling highs. The nail-biting conclusions. And, most of all, coming together for the love of the game. What better place for all your friends to meet than our live chat hub? Consistently connect with your friends 24/7 to really get the ball rolling before, during and after the big game. Because we don’t call it social sports betting or nothing.

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Staying in the know can be the difference between winning and losing in football. And we’re making it even easier to keep in the loop without ever having to leave the app.

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